What are sentences for murder in UK

Murder is considered to be one of the most serious felonies under UK law. It carries a mandatory punishment and therefore effective representation is necessary for court. It occurs when the defendant kills the victim with intention of causing death. Serious harm or bodily injury can also occur as a result of murder which changes the charges as well as court proceedings as the victim lives. Solicitor Guru is the online guide for choosing murder defense attorneys. The element of transferred malice is also one of the points which are considered by the court as the case proceeds. The transferred malice occurs when one or more of the following incidents happen:

  • The person targeted or victim remains as a result of assault and other person dies which was not the actual target
  • Several people kill the victim in the case of joint assault and the murder action is performed by any one of the several involved.

In UK criminal justice act 2003 is applied when murder is committed. For any ordinary person, the law is something complex and only high profile experienced attorneys can understand what lies beneath. It doesn’t mean that such services will cost you a fortune though – more about that you can find in no win no fee option study. The law is applicable under following sections and related clauses as mentioned:

Whole life sentence

Criminal Justice Act 2003 Schedule 21 Section 4 deals with the whole life sentence. The highest degree of the felony committed in this regard is considered. It can be multiple murders or severe bodily injuries as a result of assault committed. The conduct of the defendant is also taken into consideration or instance urge to become a serial killer. Whole life sentence or tariff also includes other laws. It many results if a systemic approach is followed for murdering the victim. Abduction or sadistic attitude which is anti-social also contributes to life imprisonment.

30 years sentence

It is dealt under Schedule 21 Section 5 of Criminal Justice Act 2003. Instead of exceptional high seriousness particular high seriousness is considered in this regard. There are several points which can lead to 30 years in prison. Some are:

  • Killing a police or prison officer on duty
  • Sophisticated arms used for killing another person(s).
  • Killing of a person during a robbery i.e. for any gain
  • Two or more killings
  • Murder due to religious or political cause
  • Killing a person which could lead to whole life tariff but the killer is above 18 under 21 years of age.

25 years sentence

This clause was added in March 2010 which states that the killer must be 18 years of age. If he or she is found with the weapon at the crime scene and later it is proven that the murder was committed with the same weapon can land that person in jail for at least 25 years.

15 years sentence

It is awarded to a person whose age is 18 years or above and has committed the murder.

12 years sentence

A person below 18 years is required to serve 12 years sentence if murder is committed and proven in the court of law.